Anatomy of an Adventure

The Adventure Junky App has brought together the coolest, greenest adventure travel experiences on earth. In this tutorial we'll drill down into adventures, but don't forget to get familiar with the main menu icons, or learn how to play to win-win!  

points and patches

POINTS AND PATCHES Each Adventure is allocated both Points and Patches. Points are calculated using a secret algorithm, that takes into account every aspect of the adventure, from the activities involved through to how sustainable the adventure is. Patches are more like Scouts patches, in that they acknowledge achievements in a specific type of adventure. For each adventure you complete (or have completed) you'll be awarded Points and Patches. The more the merrier!

adventure galley

IMAGE GALLERY We're a big fan of awesome imagery, so most of our adventures will have a gallery of images for your viewing pleasure. Simply swipe the main image left to see more pictures. You'll also notice the carousel indicator in the bottom right of the image, that let's you know how many images, and where you are in the gallery.

I've done this adventure

CHECK IN | I'VE DONE THIS ADVENTURE There's several ways in which you can claim your points for completing an adventure. The first is to 'Check In' using the GPS locator in your device. Note this isn't always available for things like Scuba dives for obvious reasons :) You can also claim points for adventures you've done in the past, which means you can shoot up the Leaderboard pretty quickly. All you need to do is tap 'I've done this' and send us some proof - normally a picture or two of yourself on the adventure.

share an adventure

SHARE | ADD TO YOUR BUCKETLIST Love the look of an Adventure? First tap the 'Bucketlist' Icon. This will ensure it is saved to your personal Bucketlist and you can revisit it anytime, by simply tapping the same icon on the main menu. Want to tell the world about your dream or next adventure, or perhaps find an adventure buddy to join you - then Share it to the channel of your choice, by tapping 'Share Icon'. 

full screen map

ADVENTURE MAP Each adventure comes with a map - naturally! Tap the 'Expand Icon' to open the map to full screen. Pinch to zoom, swipe and scroll to anywhere in the world from this single screen. Tap the 'Contract Icon' to return to the Adventure.

brought to you by

BROUGHT TO YOU BY... YOU! A large proportion of our adventures have been added by you - members of the Adventure Junky Tribe. And when they are, we like to give you the credit. Tap on the profile picture and you'll be taken to the profile page of the user that added the adventure. Yes we are the RSVP of adventure! 


tages and search

FIND SIMILAR ADVENTURES At the base of each adventure we list the categories associated with that adventure. Tap on any of them and you'll be taken to every adventure in that same category. If you are super observant you'll notice a new 'Globe' Icon appears in top main menu. Tap this and you'll be taken to a map view of all adventures in that category.