What's on the Menu? 

The Adventure Junky App has brought together the coolest, greenest adventure travel experiences on earth. To get you up and adventuring let's start with the main menu icons. Once you've got the hang of them, it's time to discover the anatomy of an adventure, and how you can play to win-win!  



HOME AKA DREAMFEED If you ever want to find your way home, and back to the DreamFeed (the latest and greatest adventures that have been added to the app), just look for the Teepee/Tent Icon, and you will be home before you know it.

find your nearest adventure

FIND ADVENTURES NEAR YOU! Just tap the Map Pin Icon and we will automatically zoom into your location and let you know the nearest and coolest adventures. Of course that doesn't stop you zooming and scrolling for epic adventures anywhere else in the world too.

adventure preferences

ADD YOUR BEST PROFILE PIC Tap the Profile Icon to establish your personal adventure story. Set your adventure preferences (activities and destinations you want to see), plus all your social handles - oh and of course some epic profile pics - not just so you look good, but a Profile pic is mandatory if you want to appear on the Adventure Junky Leaderboard.

find your next adventure

SUPER FUNCTIONAL SEARCH Tap the Magnifying Glass Icon to perform a functional search. We've got a thousand plus adventures, in over 100 incredible destinations, and 100 adventure activity - types from the soft to the extreme. You can also search by Patch (think of patches as themes) or for other Adventure Junkys if you want to track down a friend or adventurer crush.

become a co-creator of the app

ADD YOUR ADVENTURES Become a co-creator of the Adventure Junky App by adding your adventures. Not only will you earn points for adding them, but also every time someone else likes or completes them. If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting your adventures accepted take a look at this blog post

tick off your bucketlist

TICK OFF YOUR BUCKETLIST It's easy to add adventures to your Bucketlist. Simply tap the Bucket Icon on any adventure and it will be automatically added to your personal Bucketlist, accessible from the main menu. All your favourite adventures at your fingertips!

world's number 1

PLAY AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS OR THE WORLD Tap the Trophy Icon and you'll be taken to the Adventure Junky Leaderboard. Here you'll find adventurers from around the globe, including yourself if you've added a profile picture. You can also take a look at the Destination Leaderboard, and a Leaderboard just for your Tribe (everyone you are following and that is following you).

refine your search

FILTER FOR CRYSTAL CLEAR RESULTS With over 1,000 adventures to choose from, even search results can benefit from a filter to fine tune the results. Tap the Filter Icon and you can prioritise those adventures nearest you, with the most points, or those highly recommended by the Adventure Junky Founders - the Peak Adventures of 2019

go back adventures

WHEN ELSE FAILS GO BACK! If you ever run into trouble and get completely lost just keeping tapping the Go Back Icon! Eventually you'll end up back at the DreamFeed, and can start all over again! Oh and you can also try tapping the Teepee/Tent Icon, that will take you home too :)