“Travel is a privilege, not a right.”



Adventure is a powerful force. It enables us to grow and develop as individuals, to understand and conserve the world around us, to heal, to inspire, to relax and reconnect. Adventure is one of the few positive addictions one can have. Adventure Junky’s singular mission is to fuel that addiction.  

2012 was the first year 1 billion travellers crossed international borders - in a single year. That figure could double in only ten years. Will environments and cultures be resilient enough to withstand the flood of overtourism? Adventure Junky’s solution is innovative. By making ‘sustainable travel’ a game, we aim to save the planet from mass tourism - one adventure at a time.  

The following principles are used to guide the selection of adventures in the Adventure Junky app, our Partners, Suppliers, Staff and the we we travel.  


Adventure travel is defined as involving two or more of the following components: - physical activity - immersion in nature - cultural engagement  

This definition comes from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), and breaks a common misconception that adventure travel is limited to extreme sports such bungee jumping and skydiving. In fact, adventure travel includes many different activities from snorkelling to safaris.

But adventure travel is fundamentally different. Adventure travel represents a global consumer trend away from mass, one-size-fits-all, sanitised travel packages to more authentic, personal and meaningful travel experiences.  

More specifically, Adventure travel: - ventures beyond the iconic sites and well travelled paths - is low impact, involving smaller groups - respects and conserves natural assets - respects social and cultural traditions - is beneficial to host countries and communities - fuels the local economy, generates income and employment - plays a role in sustainable development  

Tourism is one of the largest employers on the planet, it has a major impact on peoples’ economic well-being and the planet’s health. Adventure travel, more so than any other form of travel is linked inextricably to natural and human capital. Without pristine natural environments and meaningful cultural experiences destinations lose their competitiveness and travellers go elsewhere. Protection and promotion of these resources is key.  

No adventure travel operator or tourism body is perfect in its actions regarding responsibility and sustainability, however it should be the intent of these organisations to: - adopt leave no trace principles - maximise social and economic benefits to the local community - conduct business with safety, honesty and integrity - support sustainable environment practices - safeguard and enhance local environments, biodiversity and culture - undertake and engage in professional development through a membership with the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)  

Adventure Junky supports living wages, safe and hygienic working conditions. Adventure Junky does not tolerate child labour or discrimination.