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If you are a tour operator, destination marketer, lifestyle, outdoor product or sustainable brand read on...

A NEW TOOL FOR TRAVEL MARKETERS The Adventure Junky App is an innovative new tool for travel marketers, specifically designed to capture and hold the attention of the modern day traveller - and share your brand’s story.



GAIN A COMPETITIVE EDGE Adventure Junky uses gamification to incentivise and reward its growing, global community of adventure travelers - to keep them focussed on their travel goals - and your adventures. 

TARGET YOUR IDEAL CLIENT The Adventure Junky App targets the 'Aspirational traveller'. Aged 18 to 80, from students to the super rich, the common thread of the Aspirational traveller and Adventure Junky community is their thirst for knowledge, to gain a deeper understanding of world, and become a better version of themself through travel.


  • Showcase your experiences on the leading consumer platform for sustainable and responsible travel  
  • Gain access to 120,000+ highly-qualified, high-yield travellers in key global source markets 
  • Enjoy high exposure for your brand and adventures across Adventure Junky Social Media Channels 
  • Increase traffic to your website, experience and booking pages, social sites  
  • Generate high-quality, new customer leads, and increase sales 
  • Join and collaborate with like-minded businesses reinventing tourism for a more sustainable future.  

PARTNERSHIP PACKAGES Partnership Packages range in size from a single adventure, to up to 50 adventures. Simply purchase a package that suits the number of adventures you wish to list on the App, and we’ll do all the work in onboarding your content. We also love bespoke partnerships, so if you have an bright idea, let's talk.

IN GOOD COMPANY Our mission is to drive demand for the best destination and touring brands on the planet. Partner with Adventure Junky and you're guaranteed to be in good company.

"Adventure Junky is a great idea and we instantly wanted to be part of it. The team is innovative, enthusiastic and professional - we really love working with them. Together we’re making the best adventures in the world easy to find."