Play to win-win.

By playing the game you not only show the world your adventure credentials, you also become a champion of sustainable travel. Here's a run-down on the basics of game play and some insider tips on how to maximise your personal score - and the love you give our planet.

points and patches

EARNING POINTS AND PATCHES Every adventure you find on the Adventure Junky App has been allocated a Point Score, and one or more Morale Patches. Complete the adventure and you earn the Points and Patches, and progress up the Leaderboard. You might play against your friends for bragging rights, or the entire world for the title of Earth's #1 Adventure Junky. How are Points allocated to each adventure you may ask? It's a secret... but as a general rule of thumb, the 'higher the experience' and 'lower the impact', the more points an adventure is worth.

number one adventure junky

CHECK YOUR GLOBAL RANKING Visit your Profile Page, by tapping the Profile Icon in the top left of the main menu. It's here you can check your global ranking. Keep in mind that when you first start playing, there might be many players with the same amount of points as you - so you will share the same global ranking. As you start to complete adventures, you'll get a much clearer picture of your true global ranking.

adventure patches

CAN YOU COLLECT EVERY MORALE PATCH? Morale Patches are like Scouts Patches - they acknowledge achievements in a specific type of activity or adventure. You can see all the Patches available, learn what they all symbolise, and how many you've scored on your Profile Page. Try to collect the complete set, including the elusive Number 1 Patch, for reaching the top of the Leaderboard.

world's number 1

WHO'S WHO ON THE GLOBAL LEADERBOARD Tap the Trophy Icon in the main menu to visit the Overall Leaderboard. It's here you can see every player in the game, provided they have added a Profile Picture. You can also use the tabs in the top menu to see the leading destinations, and the Leaderboard we've created exclusively for your Tribe (people you are following, and those following you).

find your nearest adventure

POWER TIP: FIND YOUR NEAREST ADVENTURES Depending on where you live in the world, often the fastest way to start scoring points is by looking for nearby adventures. Tap the Map Pin Icon and we'll provide you with a map view, and or list of your nearest adventures to start picking off, and getting those points and patches flowing.

I've done this adventure

CHECK IN | I'VE DONE THIS ADVENTURE There's several ways in which you can claim your points for completing an adventure. The first is to 'Check In' using the GPS locator in your device. Note this isn't always available for things like Scuba dives for obvious reasons :) You can also claim points for adventures you've done in the past, which means you can shoot up the Leaderboard pretty quickly. All you need to do is tap 'I've done this' and send us some proof - normally a picture or two of yourself on the adventure.

POWER TIP: I'VE DONE THIS Try using the Map to scan places you visited in the past and find adventures you might have already done faster.

become a co-creator of the app

POWER TIP: ADD AWESOME ADVENTURES Become a co-creator of the Adventure Junky App by adding your adventures. Not only will your earn points for adding them, but also every time someone else likes or completes them, you'll earn bonus points. If you want to give yourself the best chance of getting your adventures accepted take a look at this blog post.

refine your search

POWER TIP: FILTER YOUR SEARCHES FOR MAXIMUM POINTS Let's say you've been using the app to search for a particular type of adventure, or a specific destination. Try applying a filter to your results and find out which are nearest you, or have the highest points.

follow adventure junky

POWER TIP: PAY IT FORWARD AND FOLLOW OTHERS The more you play the game the more you'll find hidden rewards around every corner. Try spending some time on the Leaderboard and following some of your favourite adventurers - by tapping the Follow Icon. If they follow you back, you will earn some bonus points. Yes we are the RSVP of adventure!